Rainbows, Dragons, Spiders....and Scallops?

By the title on this post, one can only assume that I am talking about characters in a fairytale. Although I have an affinity towards fairytales, this post is about a my recent encounter with some brilliantly presented sushi. Yuzu is the restaurant that has just caught my attention and I cannot wait for my next chance to enjoy even more! With walls decorated with anime and the yuzu scented lotion in the restrooms, you can see how much of an influence the Japanese culture has on this establishment. They pay high attention to aesthetics here as you will be able to tell from the dishes. Well, what are we waiting for? On to the food!  

Our first two rolls included the spicy scallop and spider rolls. The scallop roll was light in flavor and came with a dipping sauce that paired really well with it. The spider roll was nice a crunchy but beware when trying to fit a piece in your mouth, you might end up looking like a chipmunk because the pieces are fairly large! 

The next roll was the ever popular rainbow roll, accessorized with its very own rainbow! Made of sauces of course! This roll was fresh and light as well, pairing with the sauces perfectly, though there was definitely more sauce to roll ratio on the platter. 

Holy moly, dragon roll! This was probably the highlight of the meal because we were blown away by the design that came with our pick! You get a dragon + a roll = Dragon Roll. We weren't able to eat all of the sauce that came with the roll but the design was very much appreciated. Talk about a surprise factor! 

Although we were stuffed, what's a meal without dessert? We decided to share a white chocolate yuzu dessert and it was phenomenal. The crisps that came with the dessert definitely added flavor and a crunch! Definitely recommended to those that are thinking about visiting this cute little place. 


Make sure to go right when they open or make a reservation. Yelp says the place opens at 4pm but it opened at 4:30pm when we went. Be quick, otherwise you might find it quite difficult to get in! What's your favorite spot to go to in the city when you're craving sushi? I would love to hear your biases! Until next time, foodies!