Yesterday was a day full of food and exploring the Gold Coast/River North area. Happy first day of Spring indeed! It was also National Macaron Day so the amount of macarons on my social media sites were innumerable and so incredibly delectable! The weather was perfect for wandering, as long as you had a light jacket on. There were quite a number of things going on in the city yesterday, did you get a chance to participate? 

The first place that I got to visit was Velvet Taco. I had been meaning to make a visit to this Texas-based joint for a while now so yesterday I took a plunge and went! The design of the establishment is very vibrant with a violet outer wall and the inside accented with whites and various other colors. Communal tables mean that you will be making friends with the people sitting next to you in no time! Personally, I like the upper area seating with the window sill seats and wider spaces. If you visit the restaurant with a group, the upstairs is definitely the better option! Now, onto the food...

What are these delicious looking things you may ask? From the left to right we've got crisp tots and local egg, the weekly featured taco aka WTF and the fish n' chips taco. If you like all things savory, salty and full of flavor, then this is possibly one of the best places to go to grab a bite to eat! Add a soda or come after a night out with friends and it'll be a nice little treat. 


After a filling meal, dessert is always a must! Since it was National Macaron Day, it was quite clear what I was going to get. Vanille Patisserie was having a day dedicated to Heros so in exchange for a free macaron, they have a tip jar out for donations. All purchases that day also donated 15% to the cause as well. So what did I get? Take a look here:

This is the Vivian. Inside is vanilla mousseline, rose cremeux, raspberry jam and fresh raspberries. Um, hello, yes! What screams spring more than this beauty? This treat is far from little, ranging the side of my entire palm. A great dessert to share with a close friend. Vanille was the first place I ever had a macaron in Chicago and I have to say, probably still one of my favorites. If you ever get a chance, visit their splendid new location! 


Later in the day, the Pi Gallery Bar had their grand opening so of course I had to stop by for a meal! It used to be Gallery Bar and although it still showcases local artists' work like the old establishment, it has added a new brick oven and bigger windows in the front seating area. This is a place with dim lighting and some very enthusiastic ambiance, so a great place to enjoy a drink and the company of friends. The food is also worth a try if you're hungry and as most of you know, I almost always am. 

We ordered the bone marrow and notorious P.I.G pizza (a lot of their dishes come with quite creative names) and both were quite delicious. Not too heavy, not too light but just right for a casual dinner out. The dessert that we tried was not to our tastes but I hope to go again and try a different dessert and possibly fall in love with it! If you're around the Chicago red/brown line stops area, I would say it's a great place to try out. If anything, go for the bar and check out the art they have on the walls! 


It was a full day of eating and exploring but I wouldn't have it any other way. Do you guys have a favorite area that you like to explore? Where do you usually go? I would love to hear some recommendations that you guys have and try those great places out! More beautiful days are yet to come so let's keep the bucket list full and check off those items one by one!