Big Star, Big Dreams

What a chilly day in Chicago today! Mother Nature is such a tease with the 70 degree weather and then she brings back the cold like some harsh reality. I guess layering season is still in full effect! No matter, I'm a dreamer and that won't stop me from eating some delicious food! 

Today's pick was Big Star Chicago located in the neighborhood of Wicker Park. Probably one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago - a place where you can find good eats, vintage shopping and some seriously cool people. Today is a bit cloudy out but Big Star's interior is very bright and spacious. If you need and instant pick me up during the day, this is the place for it. The tacos were fantastic and the chips came to the table warm. What more can you ask for???

My picks for today:

The Taco Al Pastor and Taco de Pescado pictured above with the house chips. The Al Pastor was very flavorful and the pineapple was a nice touch to enhance the flavor profile. The Pescado was light, despite the fried nature of the fish itself. If you're looking for something not so heavy, I would definitely recommend that. Both wonderful and recommended. 

This was the Taco de Panza. This was probably my favorite of the three since I love pork belly. Who could say no? I had to add another taco because I didn't realize how absolutely hungry I was until I finished my first two. For those who come here, I think 2 tacos is great if you're not too hungry, 3 for those wanting a full meal and 4 for those who are famished. Got friends? Add a side of chips and guacamole to share and you'll be set. 


For those who love a drink with their meal, Big Star has a great collection of beers and liquors with specials listed in the front every day. If you're planning on going for dinner, plan accordingly because this place gets packed! Just from the staff, you can tell this is a place to socialize and take yourself not so seriously. It's fun and friendly so swing by the next time you get a chance. ;)