A Break with Miss Ricky

Sometimes, we all just need a break - from work, from school, from life. My form of a break always involves food it seems, but I don't believe there's anything wrong with that! Today, I was able to go Miss Ricky's to try some of their dishes. What a wonderful experience! I shared the chicken and waffles with a friend and I am so glad I did. The portions are very generous so if you're thinking about paying a visit, make sure to go with an appetite! 

To start, we ordered the beef wings! They were covered in buffalo sauce and came with celery and blue cheese on the side. If you like the taste of buffalo sauce, then I highly recommend getting yourself an order of these! 

Our entree was the chicken and waffles. One sriracha chicken waffle with buttermilk fried chicken on the top and sriracha honey sauce on the side. The taste of the waffle was slightly sweet with a savory touch and the fried chicken was nice and crispy. The sauce is a must add, no questions asked! My friend and I decided to split an order so I only have half the order pictured, but it was still 100% full of flavor. 

For our dessert, we decided to order the "Death by Chocolate" . When they say chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate in their description, they're not kidding! It was a chocolate layered cake with chocolate creme and chocolate sauce on the bottom. On top of that, they fashioned a knife handle to place on top of the cake to make it look like there is a knife sticking out of it! The knife handle is made out of chocolate with caramel filling so it is completely edible! Talk about a surprise!

If you get a chance, I would say you need to make a visit to try this diner out. I am definitely going to go back to try more of their dishes. Granted, you may have to take a walk after the meal but it is so worth it!


So, how do you all deal with your stress? What helps you get through those tough days and keep trucking on? No matter what, I believe that everything will always be okay in the end and I believe that with all my heart. So whenever you're feeling blue, remember you'll be okay. Grab a friend and get some good food and let the troubles pass you by. Do what you need to do and look forward to a brighter and better day.