No Pain, No Gain

The last couple of days have been a roller coaster ride. Recently, I have been experiencing some stomach pains and nausea. Perhaps due to something that I ate or perhaps I was exposed to some virus. During these times, care from the people around you and some simple foods are the answer. With some diligence, I am slowly coming to a full recovery. Thank goodness! 

The waiting game is usually the hardest part, whether it be waiting for a sickness to pass or waiting for something else. We take one step at a time and keep ourselves busy. Or in this case, one word at a time. 

Food is a great way for us to satiate our hunger, both body and mind. I sure think so! Every time I have a lot on my mind, I turn to making and eating a good meal. So what is my go to meal? Tofu, of course! 


If I didn't say it before, I love tofu. Anytime I have doubts about my eating habits or just need a break, I make myself a hot bowl of tofu soup. My favorite is Korean soft tofu soup! Usually, it's paired with seafood or meats. Rice and soup have been a part of my diet ever since I was a child. To this day, soup can cure me of anything. 

Although it's not the best, I love using the BCD Tofu House Soup Starter Packet. You can see a picture of it here. It really is quick and easy!

First, I boil the water and add some dried shrimp to start the base. Then I add my veggies and wait for the water to boil. Once the water is boiling, I add the flavor packet. When the flavor packet is integrated into the water, I put in the tofu. Be careful of the hot water splashing! I love adding an egg into the soup as well but I do that last. If you let the egg boil inside the soup, it will cook slowly and become poached. Poached eggs are wonderful on top of white rice. If you haven't tried it, I encourage it! 

So what is your go-to comfort food? I would love to hear and try all the foods that make you feel happy and tingly inside. It's hot out but are you the type to eat hot soups like me? Or do you go straight for something cold and icy? 

Until the next venture!



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