Tea Time Tidbits

With busy schedules and a lot of things on our plates, we forgot to take some time to get to know ourselves and take care of ourselves. Today, I took time to get my annual checkup and even got to enjoy a cup of tea after a long day. It was my father's birthday today (Happy Birthday to Daddy Mac!) so we went out as a family to have a big meal. After copious amounts of food, I always need a cup of tea to detox. 

Rosali Tea reached out to me a couple weeks ago to try their product. As a lover of tea time, I just couldn't say no. Have you ever heard of Rosali Tea? Check it out here if you haven't! Their kickstarter campaign ends the morning of October 9th and I believe in what they are doing and so should you! 

The packaging is absolutely lovely and if you're a part of the campaign, your packet will actually be prettier than this! Can you believe it? 

I was graciously given three different types of tea and I cannot wait to try it all! I will be a very warm and happy soul during our colder months here in Chicago. 


Rosa is a sweetheart who made sure to check up on whether or not the tea was to my liking. Thankfully, I can honestly say I loved it. The vanilla almond sunset that I tried is very calming. With slight hints of vanilla, it was a great treat after some greasy foods. I will be sleeping like a baby tonight! After I steeped the tea, the fragrance of the tea spread through the room. It was very welcome and changed my environment for the better. 

This is an awesome campaign and I really want to see it come true. Rosa is so close to her goal so let's help her get there! Do you have a favorite tea? Let me know in the comments! 

Stay warm! (This campaign will be helpful this winter!)  

Until the next venture!

With love,